25th Century Medicine™

This is truly unique, 25th Century Medicine™ is open to medical professionals and to the public by invitation.  This seminar explores the landscape of 25th Century Medicine™ with pioneering professionals.

Why 25th Century?

In order to create a leap outside of today’s world and possibilities it is powerful to consider possibilities in the far future.  This immediately removes the limiting beliefs around what is possible.

25th Century is also a quartile and therefore powerful in mathematical terms.

What do I get as a delegate?

  1. Hear exclusive interviews from pioneering medical professionals and scientists
  2. Ignite your passion for medicine
  3. Be inspired to create perfect health for your patients today
  4. Create the opportunity to make history and cure a disease
  5. Create unique treatment for each unique patient easily without conscious thought
  6. Empower your patients to create their perfect health
  7. Develop pivotal contacts for your career
  8. Transform you life


Ticket prices is $695 per delegate.  The seminar is philanthropic in nature.  The ticket price is based upon the value you will gain from the seminar.

Time & Duration

The seminar will commence at 10am following an hours registration period.  The seminar will close at 4pm with interval breaks.


This seminar will be delivered firstly in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA in 2015 and then internationally in 2016.

How do I know if it is right for me?

Call us!  We want every delegate to get value from this seminar.  We can run through what might be involved and whether it will benefit you immediately or your long-term career.  We think everyone can benefit and at the end of the day we want people that are excited to be present.

You can call us on +441923 264777.

Will the seminar count towards professional development & training?

We are working with medical institutions to have this seminar endorsed for professional development and training points.

My patients have told me about 25th Century Medicine™ Seminar, why is that?

We are campaigning amongst the public about the 25th Century Medicine™ Seminar because we know that there are many people desperate and dying for major advancements in medicine.  The best way to let the medical profession know how much advancement is needed at a faster pace than is currently being delivered is for patients to nag their physicians & specialists.  This is empowering patients and giving them a sense of opportunity.

Who is Lisa Davies?

Lisa Davies is the designer, content creator & host of the 25th Century Medicine™ Seminar.

Lisa suffered her own medical challenges as a child, mild compared to many others and treated in Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Lisa lost her Mum to breast cancer that had metastasised across most organs & systems before diagnosis.  This opened Lisa eyes to the incredible power her Mum had had to live a normal life with such disease.

Lisa suffered three difficult births despite being a HypnoBirthing Practitioner.  Two were in Special Care for a short while and two incidents of shoulder dystocia.  Lisa had 6 units of transfused blood due to a PPH and MOH.

Lisa’s nephew was born sleeping at 23 weeks gestation as a result of PROM.  Jack was the catalyst for the visionary seminar format on an international scale based on the space race concept.

Rather than weeping and braving the world feeling a sense of injustice at these experiences, Lisa has taken these moments to be inspirational.  Understanding the power of the mind, conflicts and the incredible influence a physician has over the outcome.  Lisa holds the strong view that with the perfect conditions, all these personal experiences could have been managed to create a positive outcome.  Lisa’s passion is to facilitate those key individuals in creating the perfect conditions for patients.


This seminar is not designed for those who wish to remain comfortably in the medicine world that exists today.  This seminar is for students, doctors, consultants, professors, specialists and scientists who were driven by pure passion to restore health in the public.  This seminar is for those who have a true calling for health and wellbeing.

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We are a medical organisation and would like to sponsor this incredible seminar

For sponsorship enquiries please email lisa@wisdomwithin.co.uk.  There are strict conditions for sponsorship and must fulfil the objective of this seminar being philanthropic.

My colleague is contributing.  I feel I have valid pioneering experience.  How can I contribute?

Intrigued by the space race concept applying to medicine?  Do you enjoy considering the amazing world with advanced medicine? Do you want your legacy to be greater than the work you do in your field?  This is your chance to be a part of history.  We make contribution to this seminar easy and highly enjoyable.  Please contact us by calling +441923 264777.