Good Girl

Perfectionist that strives continuously

Everything in your life has to be just right.  You invest hours and bags of energy to ensure it meets your standard.  Often, you feel disappointed with what you have achieved.  Others around you believe you could settle for less and be happy and that spurs you on even more.  Second Best just isn’t in your vocabulary.  You are a Good Girl and always have been.  You know that to achieve what you want in life you must obey the rules and follow the system.  Academic accolades are a key component, so too recognition from leaders in your field.

You apply this approach to everything from fitness to domestic chores as well as career and being a friend and daughter.  Being a Good Girl, you feel, rewards you well in life.  The organisation, dedication and sheer graft have got you where you are today.

In this modern day, how does a Good Girl manage to keep this all up?  Maybe now you are starting to see some fraying edges with energy dips and a sense of failure in an area of two of your life.  As a Good Girl, you’re unable to apply any strategies that alleviate this problem.

Self harm, typically mental, but in some cases physical, are your means of punishing yourself for failing to consistently achieve your high standards.  Application of strenuous exercise, smoking, drinking or stepping away from social relationships are typical punishment methods of a good girl.

It seems the strategies and set-up you created as a little girl that served you so well in your youth is struggling under the weight of modern day and expectations from colleagues, clients or loved ones.

Now as your health begins to show signs of weakness, where do you turn?

Good Girl Failure

Support that is Results Orientated & Fast

Lisa works with clients that are ready to make the leaps outside of their comfort zone whilst remaining true to themselves.

Whether through Online Programmes or One to One Sessions, Lisa’s clients shift away from their problems, develop strategies that honour their true self and create a sense of wellbeing.

Lisa firmly believes that health issues are simply warning signs of the emotional turmoil lying underneath.  Focus on these areas and apply mind-body techniques for health and clients get incredible results.

Are you looking for?

  • Easy techniques to apply to regain your health
  • Quick stop approach to self-punishment – mentally or physically
  • Support to design new credible ways to manage your modern life
  • Strategies and resources to have a full life as a perfectionist
  • Fulfilment from the activities and relationships you invest energy in

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