Membership Sites

In 2015, supportive and resourceful membership sites were launched.

Menopause Support

Available from 20th January.

A packed membership site giving you access to a community of like minded people looking to resolve menopause symptoms naturally.

  • Support to use the free eBook 10 Easy Steps to Regain Your Health
  • Mind-Body Techniques to balance hormones eliminating symptoms
  • Educational videos on why we suffer from menopause symptoms
  • Managing unresolved emotions
  • Identify stress factors and learn to manage and reduce these

Gain control of your symptoms:

  • Sleep well
  • Regulate body temperature
  • Improved relationships
  • Sex drive increase
  • Vaginal dryness improved
  • Toned pelvic floor

First month trial of only £5, thereafter only £19.99 per month until you no longer need it


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