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Lisa has created some amazing Online Programmes, launching in January 2015 and more further into the New Year.

There are no other products or services out there like this.  Not only does Lisa understand the underlying patterns and causes of female health issues but she also knows how to bring this to you in an easy and affordable way.

These Online Programmes have standardised the key elements of particular health issues with added bonuses of hypnotherapy tracks, resourcing, ensuring you get the most of Lisa’s knowledge at a fraction of the price.

You will shift from your current state into a new and healthier place.  Clients experience full recovery or require only an additional session or two directly with Lisa.  You’ll know exactly the areas you need to work on to resolve any remaining parts and you can either expedite this through with a session with Lisa, or use the contents in the Online Programmes and the free eBook to resolve this in your own time.

Launching in January 2015

Period Pain

Release yourself from monthly period pain, enabling you to be productive in your daily work and enjoy social and romantic relationships.

PMS symptoms will reduce significantly and for some completely be eliminated.

You will be able to identify whether you have a hormonal imbalance causing some of the pain and possible heavy bleeding

The Programme is spread across 4 months enabling 3 cycles to transition through, allowing you notice the significant change.


Women with menopausal symptoms are often left to suffer alone.  With partners or loved ones oblivious or unable to help, this can be a lonely journey.  Medical professionals can either be too eager to offer synthetic hormones or dismissive of the chronic suffering.

Menopause can cause lack of self-confidence, risk of professional reputation and a distrust in the medical institution.

This Online Programme can be used alongside other natural therapies or stand-alone.

Clients experience an incredible shift in their symptoms, energy levels and understanding of the female body.

The Ultimate Detox

There simply is no other detox on the market like this.

Join Lisa and fabulous other women whilst they begin the New Year with a complete detox, in & out.

From Skin to Digestion and then the best bit….

Emotionally detoxing – letting go of all those negative emotions you have been dragging around for years.

You will feel healthier, stronger and happier.

What more could you ask for in 2015?

Launching in 2015

The other exciting Online Programmes coming in 2015 are:




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