Wedding Services

Your wedding day – it’s a big day.  One you spend a lot of time over and often plenty of money.  There are traditions and rituals that are often undertaken that life hasn’t always prepared us for and because it is such an important day for the Bride, the Groom, the Best Man, Parents of the Bride & Groom, it is natural to want to strive to do your best.

With the right preparation you can have the perfect wedding day, perfect honeymoon and wonderful memories.

It may be that you want to know how to achieve a perfect wedding day with so many suppliers to deal with, not knowing whether they will deliver on the day.  Perhaps your budget doesn’t stretch to a wedding planner, or perhaps you have a certain budget that doesn’t seem to give you everything you want – how do you prioritise?  Maybe you feel you are picking a wedding style or ritual that is the general consensus but it doesn’t feel right – you want the day to reflect you as a couple and somehow cannot find the theme right for you.

All these challenges are easily overcome through using goal setting techniques or hypnotherapy.

On offer are various resources for you to access.  You do this discreetly through the MP3s.  Or perhaps a brief consultation for a service such as Achieve Your Perfect Wedding.  It maybe a specific Breakthrough such as Body Beautiful Breakthrough or PreNuptial Breakthrough would be ideal.  We can also provide one-to-one sessions to work on a specific area such as Public Speaking, Writing an Engaging Speech & Overcoming Nerves.

If you are not sure which is right for you, please call on 01923 264777.  We strive to give value for money.  The MP3s are incredible tools.  We can talk you through what they are and how they create change.  We can also provide tailored MP3s which is excellent value.

Other areas we can assist in are health & wellbeing.  Maybe you want to give something up such as alcohol, smoking or bad eating habits.  Or you may have a chronic or acute health complaint that has been affecting your life.  By resolving these, the wedding day will be a moment when you can acknowledge the changes and commitments that you are making.  These changes and commitments can be made by all members of your Wedding Party, including the Mother-of-the-Bride and the Bridesmaids.  A wedding is a great incentive to change life for the positive.

We offer all enquirers a free consultation to establish your area of need and allow you to see which resources are most suitable for you.  We can also discuss whether a Wedding Package would be suitable.


Public Speaking – Deliver a Confident Engaging Speech

Overcome Your Nerves – A Day Full of Excitement

Perfect Posture – Stand Proud in Your Outfit


 Fixed 2-Consultation Package

Goal Setting – Arrange your Perfect Wedding

Goal Setting – Have the Perfect Honeymoon

PreNuptial Bonding


Wedding Breakthroughs

Body Beautiful Breakthrough – Have a Body Your Love for the Big Day

PreNuptial Breakthrough – Be the Strongest you can be from the start


Services for:

  • Bride
  • Bride Groom
  • Best Man
  • Mother-of-the-Bride
  • Father-of-the-Bride
  • Matron of Honour
  • Bridesmaids